Monday, February 7, 2011

Vasectomy Reversal 6 Week Follow-Up

Okay, again, since nobody is reading this blog, I can be completely honest about my vasectomy reversal for Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. My surgery was about 6 weeks ago and I have people ask me all the time, "How are you doing?".

Well, the simple fact is, it depends on when you ask me. Sometimes, I have a little pain "here" and sometimes I have a little pain "there". I'm not sure why I'm not completely pain free yet. But I'm hoping I will continue to have more days with less pain. I never took any anti-inflammatory medicine because of my heart condition. So, perhaps things would be a little further along if I was able to take Celebrex or even Ibuprofen. But no sense whining about it because I just can't take them.

Well, where does that leave me? Good question. My doctor says I'm progressing as to be expected. He also told me that I am no longer shooting blanks. Looks like it's time for the wife to take a trip to her doctor for a change. But that wasn't why I had the reversal as anyone who knows me will tell you. The post-vasectomy pain syndrome was getting a little too much to deal with. I remain hopeful that my reversal will be a tool that will fix the problem I had. (Yes, I said 'had' in hopes that it is in a state of past-tense). I suppose only time will tell.

Anyway, I think I've decided that I should start walking on the treadmill again. Laying around for months on end with no end in sight does not appeal to me. Maybe the more I walk, the more blood flow I'll have and the less inflammation I'll experience. I would imagine part of the muscle pain and aches I've been experiencing are related to this last 6-month period of inactivity. With my kid's baseball season fast approaching and a house to get ready to sell, I've got to get the "rust knocked off" quickly.

Lord willing, I'll be able to start my aerobic exercise and begin to feel markedly better. It's amazing how inactivity can cause your body to hurt. You would think that laying around would make your body feel better, but it doesn't seem to work out that way. After all, we're machines that were meant to work. Time to start feeding this machine and get it out of the repair shop.

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