Thursday, May 12, 2011

School is Out

Another year of school is behind us. My kids did great. Their grades were all A's and they learned a ton. My son has what I think is a photographic memory which helps him with just about everything. He gets 100's on almost all of his testing. My daughter isn't that far behind and she doesn't seem to have the benefit of a photographic memory. They seem happy that they don't have to do any more homework. My daughter is going to miss her friends though.

Now that summer vacation is here, I have to come up with activities that will keep the kids busy. Otherwise, our house will be turned inside out. I pray the weather doesn't get too hot too soon. I hope we don't hit 100 until maybe the end of July, but I know that's a pipe dream. We've already had mid 90's and I just don't know what we'll do if it gets 100 on June 1st.

We're going to be packing away a lot of the kids' stuff into boxes so we can show our house. We're trying to sell it so we can move to Knoxville, TN. These last couple of months have kept their mother and I busy with house projects and the kids have been pretty great. They've found ways to occupy themselves while we painted and did other things. Anyway, the kids will have even less things to do around the house because most of it will be packed away.

It would be great if we could sell the house this summer and move to Knoxville. The timing may be tricky because we have to sell the house, find jobs, find a school and move all over summer vacation. Talk about change! But we feel that's what we need.

We had thought about moving to Washington, and although that was our favorite place, there aren't a lot of job opportunities. Plus, it's just so gray up there, weather-wise. So it looks like Knoxville is the place. We visited a couple of weeks ago and was shown around by our old friends from Dallas who also moved out to Knoxville, about 3 years ago. It was a lot of fun.

Not much to post these days. I have started another blog that keeps my attention these days. It's about my vasectomy and vasectomy reversal pain. It's been therapeutic and helped me sort out my thoughts on the pain I've had. So, that's why I have't been writing much over here at Dallas Daddy lately.

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