Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purple Mountain's Majesty

What a couple months this has been. First I have a vasectomy reversal. Then I'm considering going to a pain management specialist, because the nerve pain was almost unbearable. Then I get to feeling better. We travel to Washington state to see if that is where we want to move to. While there, the nerve pain returns (thanks to hours of sitting in the car driving). We fly home. Nerve pain stops. Now we're planning our next trip to Tennessee to see if that is where we want to possibly move. Quite a world-wind.

That was the big picture of what's been going on. Now let me break it down a little bit smaller by category.

Vasectomy pain - The nerve pain comes and goes. Today it came and I'm having some right now as I type. Very painful and frustrating. I wish the doc had told us about all the negative possibilities related to vasectomies before I had one. I'm trying some simple stretching and walking to see if that helps. I've also joined an online support group for those who have PVPS (post vasectomy pain syndrome). They are a good bunch of people. The men and their wives seem very supportive and they've taken me in. We all share an unfortunate common bond. Many have been reversed and have continued nerve pain, while others seem to have the worst behind them. They say it usually takes time before you start feeling really good. I hope to be one of those that feels better sooner than later. But by the grace of God go I.

Moving - Thanks to many family members, our house is closer to being ready to be put on the market. Still have lots to do and with my nerve pain, I'm still not sure how much I can speed along the process. We hung blinds today and the nerve pain stopped me cold in my tracks. I also had a lot of heart palpitations which took my breath away. I hope my heart doesn't start acting up. Not sure I could take it. Anyway, still have work to do, painting, kitchen, bathroom, landscape.

Trip to Washington - It was great except for two things. 1 - The nerve pain really was tough. 2 - It was very rainy and when it wasn't raining, it was pretty gray. Very little blue sky. Apparently, even in the rain shadow of the peninsula, there isn't a lot of rain, but there isn't a lot of sunny blue skies either, in the winter time at least. It sounds like late May through early September is the time you want to be there, otherwise, it's gray and wet. We found several cool beaches on the Puget Sound and were even in a snow blizzard up in the Olympia mountains. We went from 51 degrees and partly sunny skies to below freezing and in "white-out" conditions. Our car was literally stuck on the road and we had to carefully put the car in reverse to get back down the mountain. Very scary when you consider the road isn't very wide and if you go off the edge, it's about a 200 foot drop to the bottom. But we survived and had a great time. Next, Tennessee - hopefully it isn't too hot there in the summer.

Kids - They stayed at their uncle and aunt's house while we were gone. We missed them every single day and wished on numerous occasions that they had come with us. It was nice to be reunited with them. We did a little left over homework these last couple of days and are looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend with them before school starts back up again next week. They start their last quarter of the school year on Monday. Can't believe it's gone so fast. Our kids are really great. They love us and enjoy our company. What more can you ask for I guess? They are obedient most of the time and are respectful of others. Like my dad used to say, "I can't believe the good Lord blessed me with such a wonderful family!". I truly don't deserve any blessing he sends my way. But I guess that's why it's called Grace - truly unmerited favor.

I suppose that's all for now. I'll probably think of something later to post about family stuff, but right now, I just wanted to get this out there. Besides, I think I should go on my walk pretty soon. Maybe that will help the nerve pain go away a little bit?

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