Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

I can't believe it's already November. Hard to believe that I'm coming up on a year's worth of blogging. You know, it was fun at first, but at times it kinda drains my energy. It's also becoming harder and harder to come up with ideas to blog about. But every once in a while, it hits you like a train.

Well, it finally rained in north Texas yesterday. Not that big of a deal, I know. But it got me thinking about time, if you can believe that. Well, why did the rain make me think about time you ask? Well, because I began to wonder when the last time it was that I watered my yard. It seemed like it was just last week. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it had been since August since I watered my front lawn. No wonder the plants all died!

Anyway, I've begun to realize that as I get older, life moves by at a much faster pace. In fact, I was utterly surprised to discover the first quarter of school was over. It seemed like they just started school a few weeks ago and now it's almost Thanksgiving! Geesh, where does the time go?

I've always known that time waits for no man (or woman) and that time goes by much faster as you get older...but this fast? So I've got some advice. Think of it as stopwatch wisdom from someone who sees the second-hand zipping by. 

1.  Stop for a moment and look at your life. Don't get overly crazy or insightful about this exercise, just pause and reflect, and repeat this every so often. When you do this, don't get depressed or excited. Just be objective and change course as needed.

2.  Begin to appreciate the time and people in your life. Sure you might be angry at them right now, but they're going to be in your life for as long as YOU live. May as well make the best of it. The earlier the better.

3.  Forgive anyone who has wronged you and learn to let go of the past. Heck, maybe you need to let go of the present too. Life is too short to be carrying all this baggage around.

4. Don't get caught up in yourself and your problems. Other people have worse problems than you do and would be happy to exchange them. Go ahead and try to work out what's troubling you, but don't let it consume you to the point you lose sight of what's really important. Cause I'm here to tell ya, you aint gettin' those days back.

5. Don't be afraid to put down roots and be a member of the community. Living for something in the future only means you're wasting your present. Trust me, you don't want to waste the present that the Lord gives you. Get it?
present (a tense) : present (gift). (I know, I know, I won't do it again.)

So make the most of the day. Try investing it in someone's life. And by all means, don't be selfish and try to keep it for yourself. If I've learned anything else other than time marches on, is that the more you give, the more you get.

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