Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mashed Potatoes

a dish of mash potatoes on a dinner table
I remember when my wife was staying at home, she used to tell me how she was losing her mind. Not figuratively, but literally. I used to joke with her, but her laughing was nothing more than a veil of desperation. Now that I've gone past my 1 year anniversary of being a stay at home Dad, I find myself thinking the exact same thing.

Oh sure, I blog and try to keep my mind active. I help the kids with their homework and try to read, but my brain feels like it's beginning to waste away. I believe there is something to work. The kind of work that keeps the mind sharp and the body moving. That is why I like healthcare so much. As a doctor, nurse, therapist, whatever, you get to see patients which keeps you active. You also get to solve little mysteries everyday. This keeps you on your toes for sure.

But when you are at home and the only activity you have to look forward to is cleaning the kitchen dishes or scrubbing the toilet, you tend to enjoy the simple lounging associated with staying at home. Even if I'm working out on the treadmill, that's still only 30-40 minutes of brisk activity.

By the same token, blogging about my failures as a parent and performing other critical computer stuff only occupies a few hours during the day. Most of the time I just end up wasting hours by looking at MSN or stock reports or useless bits of sports trivia. So staying at home doesn't lend itself to healthy living, unless you've got the money to go with it. But hey, like someone told me one time, very few have time and money. Usually, they just have one or the other.

As a reader noted yesterday about my previous blog, I misspelled obedience (several times). Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't have a spell-checker, oh well. As I continue to post, if you notice my spelling getting worse and my sentences becoming fragments, then let me know. I might be needing some kind of intervention or at the very least, a part-time job.

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