Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A whole new universe

Wow, a blog. Of all things to endeavor, nobody could have seen this on my horizon! I'm sure none of my friends would ever imagine this bastion of the 21st century coming from my little home computer. To be honest, I'm not even sure what b.l.o.g. stands for, if it does for anything at all. So, I've imagined all day what my first post would say. Will it be relevant; will it inspire; or will it simply save you from getting that Ambien refill from Walgreens? I'm guessing the latter. After all, this is still very new to me.

Next, why would anyone want to read my weekly ramblings about life and family? What is there to offer this cyber universe that isn't already there? Are there any original ideas left? I don't know the answers to these questions, but I hope to entertain you with my hilarious situation. I say it's hilarious because if I don't I may just cry or get admitted to the county hospital's psycho ward.

I am (are you ready for this?), a stay-at-home-dad. There I said it. I guess the first step in any recovery is admitting it to yourself. I'm sure there are quite a few women who would think nothing of this, while men are likely wrenching themselves or at the very least, checking their bifocals to see if they've read this correctly.

So as a form of therapy and desire to connect with the outside world, I will be writing about what it means to stay home with the kids 24/7. I'm hopeful that moms and dads will appreciate the unique viewpoint. And in the end, I hope to avoid the costs and stigma associated with psychotherapy.

So, I guess we'll travel down this road together. Or perhaps, I'll travel alone for awhile before coming to the first hitchhiker. If my first couple of months is a testament of things to come, then this should be, if nothing else, a revealing look into how far my patience can be pushed.

So until next week...

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